21 November 1915 – Major Reilly’s Map

The arrival of new planes yesterday was tempered by the loss of 30 Squadron Commanding Officer Hugh Lambert Reilly.

He was carrying out reconnaissance in advance of tomorrow’s assault, in Martinsyde 6, when he was shot down by gun-fire.

He was taken prisoner. This left only Captain Petre from the original half-flight.

The Turks also recovered a sketch map of the British positions drawn by Reilly.


One thought on “21 November 1915 – Major Reilly’s Map

  1. sethspeirs Post author

    The loss of the sketch map was more significant than realised as the Turkish command had no maps.the Turkish official history stated:

    “Major Reilly’s greatest gift to us was a sketch showing the course of the Tigris from Diyala to Aziziya. This little sketch, probably of small account to the enemy, was an important map in the eyes of the Iraq Command. For at headquarters and with the troops there was no such thing as a map.”



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