10 November 1915 – British Ace Harold Medlicott shot down

Harold Medlicott

British Ace 2nd Lieutenant Harold William Medlicott from 2 Squadron was shot down today whilst on patrol near Valenciennes with his observer 2nd Lieutenant Arthur Whitten Brown. They flew into a snowstorm in their BE2c (2673) and the suffered fuel problems. They crashed behind enemy lines near Bapaume, and were captured. Brown broke his hip and leg, and cut his face. Medlicott was uninjured.

Medlicott had shot down five planes between 19 September and his last victory on 7 November. 3 of these were solo in a Bristol Scout and two more in BE2cs.


One thought on “10 November 1915 – British Ace Harold Medlicott shot down

  1. sethspeirs Post author

    In 1915 Medlicott was the more famous of the two, being one of the early British aces. History though was kinder to Brown. He was later famous as the navigator on the first transatlantic crossing with pilot John Alcock. Medlicott, meanwhile, was shot and killed around 19 May 1918 while attempting to escape from the prison camp at Bad Colberg (Sachsen Meiningen). He had made numerous previous attempts to escape and British authorities at the time believe he was executed rather that shot while escaping as the German’s claimed.



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