22 October 1915 – Terror Bombing

 photo A04135_short-plane_1qaa1_zps7785bd46.jpg

Major Gordon’s Converted Shorts seaplane

Following the capture of Kut, General Townsend has received orders to advance on Baghdad. He is currently assembling and refitting his forces. During this lull, the air units were ordered to carry out further reconnasiance and genrally harass the enemy where possible.

A few days ago on the 18th, Major Robert Gordon took the converted seaplane as far as Badrah, near the Persian border, forty-five miles north of Kut. There he located the camp of an Arab tribe known to be hostile.

Today, a larger force set off to bomb the camp. White, Fulton, and Reilly in Maurice Farmans 2 and 7, and Martinsyde 7 attacked with two 201b, three 30lb, and sixteen 2lb bombs. The raid appears to have been successful as the sheikh of the tribe has sent in a message “to know if he might tender his submission.”


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