27 September 1915 – Old paper and bromide

On the Western Front, poor weather prevents any meaningful flying to assist the ongoing offensive.

Meanwhile in Mesopotamia, the 30 Squadron RFC has been assisting the preparations for the advance on Kut tomorrow with a series of reconnaissance missions. This has proved doubly difficult. Firstly, only two of the six RFC aircraft are serviceable – a Martinsyde Scout and a Farman Shorthorn. Secondly, this effort was hampered by a lack of photographic equipment. Photographs of the Turkish positions were taken yesterday but could not be developed. The ordinary photographic paper sent from England was old and basically useless. Bromide paper obtained at Basra was similarly worthless.

Major Hugh Lambert Reilly (in the Martinsyde) and Lieutenant Fulton (in the Farman), therefore had to rely on their own eyes alone, making notes and sketches of the positions from memory.

Fortunately recently arrived RNAS Short Seaplanes have been able to spot for the ships guns carrying out the prelimary bombardment. .


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