23 September 1915 – Train bombing

While the First Wing RFC focussed on supporting the artillery, Second and Third Wings, and 12 (Headquarter) Squadron are carrying out strategic bombing. The target for today is the Lille -Valenciennes – Douai train line and the junctions and engine sheds north of Valenciennes.

During the day the Douai-Valenciennes line was attacked by 23 aeroplanes of the Third Wing, whilst the Lille-Valenciennes line was bombed by eight aeroplanes of the Second Wing and by three from No 12 Squadron.

Captain Le Brock

Hits have been reported on the track near Wallers, on the junction and on the line in front of the engine sheds north of Valenciennes, and a signal cabin near St. Amand was destroyed.
The biggest success of the day was A l00lb bomb, dropped from a height of 200 feet by Captain Henry Le Marchant Brock of No. 4 Squadron, who scored a direct hit on the centre of a moving goods train near Somain. The engine and front part of the train continued east towards the junction, leaving the wrecked and rear trucks behind – though these were cleared later in the day.


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