19th September 1915 – Night bombing

2 and 3 Wing RNAS continue to do their best to make life as difficult as possible for the Turkish forces in the Dardanelles.

The harbour at Kilia Liman is being used by Turkish forces to land supplies. However, repeated attacks by RNAS aeroplanes has rendered daylight working impossible except in emergencies.

The harassment does not stop at night, as this evening a work party operating by flares was attacked when a 112lb bomb was dropped on the pier.

Commander Samson was glad to get back to bombing duties as yesterday he had had to take General Birdwood up.

“General Birdwood came over to the aerodrome and said he would like a trip in the air. I took him up in a Maurice Farman, intending to do a local flight; but he told me to go over the Turks at Anzac. Off we went, and he made me go as far as Maidos, and fairly low down, so that he could see well. We got a proper reception from “Archie”, and I felt very anxious carrying such a distinguished passenger. He was the only big noise that went up. I think it rather a pity that some more didn’t”.


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