12 September – Percy Scott

Following the Zeppelin raids on London on 8/9 and 9/10 September, the public are up in arms about the defence of London. Today the Admiralty announced that Admiral Sir Percy Scott is now commander of the London defences.

At the same time, less publicly, the issue of overall responsibility for home defence, came up again. The whole issue had first come up in May 1915. At that point the Admiralty had decided to ask the War Office to relieve them of the responsibility for home air defence and the request had been formally put forward on the 18th of June 1915. The ultimate decision was a matter for the Government, but meanwhile representatives of the two departments met to explore the problems of a possible transfer. The War Office were keen on the principle, but lukewarm on the reality as they had no early prospect of having the material and personnel to do it.

At a second conference in July 1915, the War Office stated that the Army might be in a position to meet home defence air requirements by January 1916, but this left the question of other anti-aircraft defences unanswered. Unfortunately no decision was made and the matter was left to drift.

With the appointment of Sir Percy, the War Office asked again. The Admiralty put off the decision again by stating that investigations of the Paris defences had revealed that maybe aircraft were not all that important as a defence. A further conference has been fixed for November.


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