4 September 1915 – Subs patrol for Zeppelins

The British submarines have been on patrol in the German Bight for the last few days. They have both been fitted with four 6-pounder high-angle anti-aircraft guns with orders to cruise together for five days and attack, in close co-operation, any airships they meet.

The patrol started badly as early on the 2nd of September they had to dive to avoid discovery, and when they came to the surface again they were out of touch with one another.


Today, E6 spotted a Zeppelin and opened fire on it. The crew thought they had scored a hit, but the Zeppelin had merely moved off rapidly to get out of range. The Zeppelin clearly reported the presence of the submarine by wireless, as and destroyers arrived rapidly to hunt for the E6. E6 was compelled to dive and was able to escape.

The patrol was largely a failure as E4 sighted only one airship, and this was too far off to attack. Today, there was a minor success as they arrested a German trawler and brought it back to Harwich.


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