2 September 1915 – Ben-My-Chree saves 815

The Southland from the deck of the Ben-my-Chree

Today the Ben-My-Chree abandoned her aircraft carrier duties to carry out a dramatic rescue of Australian troops.

At around 0950 the ship was at Mudros when she received a distress call from the troopship Southland which had been torpedoed thirty miles away in the Aegean Sea. THe ship was carrying troops of the 2 Australian Expeditionery Force form Egypt to Galliopli. 20 minutes later the Ben-my-Cree was underway and reached the Southland around noon.

A lifeboat from the Ben-My-Chree passing a line to a lifeboat full of Australian troops from the troopship Southland.

Lifeboats and motor boats were launched to pick up those in the water and tow lifeboats. By 14.42 all the survivors were picked up and the ship retuned to Mudros. In all 40 men were killed by the explosion and by drowning. 1400 were saved including 815 by the Ben-my-Chree.


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