1 September 1915 – RFC Expands

The disparity in the expansion of the army and that of the RFC Wwas reduced today with the formation of Five new RFC Squadrons: 19, 20, 22, 23 and 24 (21 Squadron was formed on 23 July 1915).

19 Squadron is based at Castle Bromwich and made up form pilots of 5 Reserve Squadron. operating with Maurice Farmans, Cauldrons and Avro 504s. The commander is Captain RM Rodwell

20 Squadron is based at Netheravon and formed primarily from pilots of the 7 Reserve Squadron – Captain CW Wilson in command.

22 Squadron is based at Fort Grange, Gosport working with BE2cs under the command of Captain R B Martyn.

23 is also based at Fort Grange, Gosport, commanded by Louis Strange operating with Bleriots, Cauldrons and Avro 504s.

24 Squadron is based at Hounslow Heath under the command of Captain A G Moore.

That said, Most of the pilots are raw it will be a number of months of combat training before any of these units are ready to go to the front


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