23 August 1915 – More pilots

In order to meet the demand for pilots at the front the air services have established a number of flying schools around the country to supplement the civilian and military schools in existence. Today was typical as a number of pilots graduated from schools around the country:

FltSubLt Brian Anthony Millard qualified in a Caudron Biplane at the Royal Naval Flying School Eastchurch. At the Military School, Birmingham, 2Lt Leo Roy Heywood and Lt Arthur Ramsay Stanley Clarke passed in a Maurice Farman Biplane. IN a similar aircraft at the Military School. Brooklands, Gerald Glen Samuel and Sidney Edward Cowan were successful. At the Military School, Farnborough anther Maurice Farman Biplane helped 2Lts Archibald Campbell Watt and Eric Miller Pollard pass. At the Military School, Ruislip 2Lt Leon Ernest Eeman passed in a Maurice Farman Biplane. Finally at RNAS Chingford one of te Navy’s Maurice Farman Biplanes was used by FltSubLt Lister Briffault.


One thought on “23 August 1915 – More pilots

  1. sethspeirs Post author

    Leon Ernest Eeman was severely injured in a crash later in the war. He was discharged without fully recovering and subsequently invented a treatment, which he tested on himself, of copper polarity screens now known as bioscreens which are a popular alternative therapy.



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