13 August 1915 – They’re back

Following the failure of the raid on the 9th/10th to reach London, L9, L10 L11 and L13 attempted another raid last night. L9 targetted Hartlepool, while the others were to attack London. L9 and L13 turned back early with engine trouble. L11 reached the English coast at Harwich just before 9 p.m. However, the ship returned home without dropping any bombs It was an eventful trip as lightening storms enveloped the ship, the points and wire stays emitted electric sparks, and bluish flames ran along the machine-guns. The airship survived the storm and landed safely at Nordholz at 07.37 a.m.

L10 had more success. The commander, Oberleutnant-zur-See Wenke came inland just south of Lowestoft at 21.25 and decided to abandon London in favour of Harwich, due to strong headwinds.

The airship dropped a number of bombs harmlessly before being engaged by men of the 2nd/3rd London Infantry Brigade near Woodbridge. Wenke replied by dropping four explosive and twenty incendiary bombs on the town. An explosive bomb landing on the pavement outside 1 St. John’s Hill and killed six people – Mr and Mrs Tyler who were standing at the door of 4 St. John’s Hill, Edward Turner and Dennis Harris who were in the street, Eliza Bunn, aged 67 died shortly after rescuers carried her from the wreckage of her house, and 16-year-old James Marshall died at 27 New Street. Seven other people were injured.

After Woodbridge, L10 dropped bombs near Kesgrave before encountering gunfire from a mobile AA unit at Rushmere The airship then turned away to avoid the defensive fire and continued towards Harwich. L.10 then dropped 12 more bombs on the Parkeston area of Harwich, injuring 17 civilians, demolishing four houses and causing extensive damage to others in Tyler Street. L10 then headed north, dropped two bombs between Fagbury Cliff and Trimley St. Martin before heading out to sea at Aldeburgh at about 23.35.

Four aircraft went up from RNAS Yarmouth but all experienced engine problems and returned early without seeing L10.


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