31 July 1915 – John Lascelles MC killed in flying accident

John Lascelles of 4 Squadron was killed today. Lascelles (acting as observer) and a new and inexperienced pilot took off in a BE2c (1656) to carry out a front line reconnaissance. They were close to Vert Galand, at Beauquesne, at around 80 feet when the plane suddenly slipped sideways and the inexperienced pilot could not control the plane which crashed. The pilot, though injured, survived but Lascelles was killed.

Youngest son of Lieutenant Colonel Henry Arthur Lascelles MVO and Caroline (daughter of the Hon. Charles Gore) of Woolbeding House, Midhurst, Sussex and one of three Wykehamist brothers, the others being Francis William Lascelles (A1903-1908) and Edward Charles Ponsonby Lascelles (A1898-1902). He entered Chernocke House from Mr. G.T. Worsley’s school at Hillingdon, and played in Lords in 1913 and 1914.

  On the outbreak of war he entered Sandhurst, and was gazetted to the Rifle Brigade, his father’s regiment, in December. Shortly afterwards he was attached as observer to the Royal Flying Corps and immediately went out to France. His first operation was on 4 February 1915 in a BE2a flying from St Omer on a two hour reconnaissance flight. In April 1915 he brought down a German aeroplane with a rifle and was awarded the M.C. and mentioned in Despatches.


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