18 July 1915 – Captain Smith 2 Squadron

Captain Frank W Smith of 2 Squadron RFC made three flights today – all inconclusive. His diary notes:

“German aeroplane came over at 7.30 am. – ascended with Lt. Wallace, lost sight of enemy while going through clouds & did not see him again. In evening at 6.30 went over Bethune Electric Power station with Capt. Heathcote. Returned at 7.30 to find a Zep. reported, being ‘duty pilot’, I went up & remained aloft for 40 mins reaching 7,000 ft but saw no signs of the Zep.”

L to r:Capt. Heaton-Hall, Lt. Clarke, Capt.s Cooper, Secker, Smith and Heathcote, 2 Squadron


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