15 July 1915 – Wintgens scores first official victory

Following his unconfirmed victory on 1 July, Leutnant Kurt Wintgens scored his first confirmed victory today.

Once again flying his Fokker EI (E.5/15) he shot down another Morane L Parasol near Schlucht. This is the first confirmed victory using a synchronized machine gun. It is also the first victory for Wintgens’ new unit Feld Flieger Abteilung 48, which he only joined a couple of days ago.

Kurt Wintgens

The unit is based at Mülhausen im Elsaß within the much-disputed Alsace border region of northeast France. Their role is to combat the increasing aggressiveness of French Morane pilots such as Eugene Gilbert and Adolphe Pegoud who are inflicting significant losses on German airmen.

This in fact Wintgens third victory as he had another unconfirmed victory over a Morane Parasol on 4 July whilst still with FFA 6b.


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