14 July 1915 – Losses for 16 Squadron

Lieutenant Humphrey Milton Goode and his observer 2nd Lieutenant William Monteith Crabbie were shot down today by anti-aircraft fire whilst on patrol in their BE2c (2003). Both were wounded and interned in The Netherlands.

Lieutenant Goode wrote:

“South of Douai we were engaged by two batteries of “Archies”. I tried to avoid them by running through the clouds. Owing to the high wind we could hardly make any headway, and so made practically a stationary target. The fire was very heavy indeed for about 10 minutes. I was just going to turn and run down wind when I was wounded in the neck, and Crabbie in the head and hand. I was unconscious for some minutes. On coming to I got the machine under control, tore up and threw away my notes, and attempted to bind up my wound. The engine was still running at this moment but stopped suddenly, and I feinted again. On coming to for the second time I found that we were only a few feet from the ground, so I landed, the machine undamaged except from shell fire. This was I believe between Dounai and Vitry. I got out of the machine and attempted to set fire to it by means of a lighter, supplied by the RFC. This did not light. I tried again with an automatic pistol and succeeded in breaking up the instruments, but although I put the muzzle through holes I had made in the tank, the petrol still refused to light. At this moment six mounted men rode up and opened fire on us from a distance of about 30 yards. Crabbie, who was still in the Observers seat, was hit again, this time in the chest. I was not hit again. The next thing I remember was my wound being bound up by several Germans.”


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