8 July 1915 – Coastal Defences strengthened

Following the public outcry after the successful attacks on London and Tyneside, additional defences have been added.

In addition to the new RNAS detachment at Gosforth, the Admiralty has established a group of additional air stations on the Yorkshire coast at Redcar, Scarborough, and Hornsea, which, with the existing base at Whitley Bay, form a defence group covering the area between the Tyne and the Humber with headquarters at Redcar. Again the inadequacy of the aircraft will make actually intercepting a Zeppelin very difficult.

In London gun defences have been increased. On the 15th of June the Admiralty agreed to divert three 3 -inch guns, earmarked for new ships of the Fleet to coastal defence.The guns are now mounted at Blackheath, Finsbury, and West Ham, and brings the total of 3-inch guns, in and around London, to eight. Given the chances of spotting, never Ming hitting an attacker are slim, this is more public reassurance than sound strategy.


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