20 May 1915 – Australian flying school graduates second batch of pilots

The new Australian flying school at Weribee has put through a second group of graduates.

On the 10th, Allan Murray Jones and Eric Landon Simoneon obtained their flying certificates. They were followed on the 12th by Raymond Francis Galloway, Vincent Hall, Henry Douglas Eyre Ralfe, and William Sheldon and Finally today by Lionel Ernest Cooke.

Group portrait of eight pilots in front of a Bristol Biplane at the Central Flying School at Werribee, Victoria. Identified from left to right are: Second Lieutenant (2nd Lt) Eric Landon Simonson, Melbourne University Rifles; 2nd Lt Raymond Francis Galloway, 25th Australian Engineers; Honorary Lieutenant (Lt) Vincent Hall, 2nd Field Company Australian Engineers; an unidentified Captain of the Australian Flying Corps, probably the flying instructor; 2nd Lt Lionel Ernest Cooke, 33rd Australian Engineers (kneeling in the front); Lt Henry Douglas Eyre Ralfe, Royal Australian Garrison Artillery; Lt William Sheldon, Royal Australian Field Artillery; and Lt Allan Murray Jones, 46th Infantry (Australian Militia).


One thought on “20 May 1915 – Australian flying school graduates second batch of pilots

  1. John Galloway

    Hi there,
    Thank you for this.
    I am the son of Raymond Francis Galloway noted to be in the above photograph. The actual photo is not displayed however. A little disappointing!
    Do you have access to the photo and could post it again? If so, would you kindly notify me of same: johnjgalloway01@gmail.com
    Thank you and congratulations on the good work,
    John Galloway AM
    0411 387 867



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