19 May 1915 – 3 Squadron RNAS aircraft help repulse Turkish ‘surprise’ assault

A ‘Surprise’ Turkish night attack was repulsed early this morning with terrible losses to the Turks. Intelligence provided by 3 Squadron RNAS played a large part in the defeat.

Reginald Marix

Flight Commander Reginald Marix and Commander Charles Samson as observer carried out a bombing raid on the port of Ak Bashi Liman on 17 May and disrupted the arrival of another Turkish Division. Later in the flight they spotted Turkish troops massing near Gaba Tepe to attack the allied troops there.

As a result of these reports GHQ realised that the Turks planned a major infantry attack, and warnings were issued to the field commanders on 18 May. Given the precariousness of their position, the information was vital. As a result, the allies were ready and prepared for the Turkish assault, which was repulsed with over 3000 Turkish troops killed for the loss of 168 allied troops.


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