29 April 1915 – RNAS foil Turkish raids on Suez Canal

Following their retreat on 3 February 1915, the Turks have maintained troops in the Sinai peninsula on a line between El Arish and Nekhl, with forces at Gaza and Beersheba. Over the last two months, mobile units have launched a series of raids and attacks in an attempt to disrupt traffic on the Suez Canal.

At dusk yesterday two reconnoitring RNAS Maurice Farmans discovered enemy troops at El Hawawish, thirteen miles east of the Canal.

On receiving this information a Bikaner Camel Corps patrol was ordered to attack the enemy encampment during the night, but before the patrol reached El Hawawish the
enemy had broken camp. The Turks and Bedouin made an attack on Bench Mark Post and then retired to Bir el Mahadat. A further reconnaissance mission discover them there the next morning.

A message giving the information was dropped from the air on British cavalry near El Hawawish and, as a result, the enemy rearguard was attacked. The enemy losses were thirty killed and twelve men taken prisoners.

Map of Area


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