13 April 1915 – Zeppelin LZ 35 destroyed

Zeppelin LZ 35, commanded by Hauptmann Konrad Masius attacked Poperinge-Cassel near Hazebrouck today, following an aborted attempt yesterday due to high winds.

The aircraft climbed to 2200m but when overflying the front at midnight it was hit by infantry and machine gun fire, causing damage to the gondola and machine gun platform. The envelope was also hit and started to leak gas causing the ship to sink. The bombs were jettisoned to save weight. The captain decided to return to base, but the ship was hit again by incendiary shells. The LZ35 dropped quickly, leaving a long tail of smoke behind. The front engine received a direct hit, the tail sank deeper and everything that was not essential was ejected.

At around 1.25am above Roeselare, they threw overboard other ballast, even ammunition for the machine guns. The ship continued to sink and crashed in a pine grove at Maria-Aalter (Aalterbrug), halfway between Maldegem and Aalter.

Captain Masius survived the crash but four crew members were killed. The ship was eventually torn apart by high winds.

LZ 35


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