30 March 1915 – RFC appoints Specialist Equipment Officers

Experience in the field has made it clear that Squadron Commanders and Flight Commanders do not have the time to oversee the RFC’s technical needs. Initially it was thought that the addition of a fourth flight commander to each squadron would be sufficient, but the shortage of trained pilots has made this impossible.

As a result, specialist Equipment Officers have been introduced to carry out the supervision of stores and the management of the repair and overhaul of aircraft and equipment, including salvage. Their duties include transport, armament, photographic, wireless and maintenance. Equipment Officers (with the rank of Captain) serve with Wings and Assistant Equipment Officers (with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant) serve at squadron level.

The following Assistant Equipment Officers were posted today:

A Levick (7 Sq)
GCR Mumby (8 Sq)
R Orme (9 Sq)
AMC Scott (10 Sq)
FL Sholte (13 Sq)
JE Storey (15 Sq)
LRF Fell was allocated to the Expeditionary Force (posting to be determined).

In addition, Captain A Huggins was posted to


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