27 March 1915 – 3 Squadron RNAS can’t begin soon enough

RNAS Pilots from the Ark Royal carried out reconnaissance missions during the day. Lieutenant Bronst RNAS attempted a reconnaissance flight from the Ark Royal around 10.19 this morning but returned shortly afterwards with engine failure. No other flights were undertaken.

In the meantime, 3 Squadron completed the unloading of the aircraft. The business of landing the aeroplanes was a tedious one and time consuming effort as they had been loaded onto the transport Abda in 47 foot long packing cases, weighing 2 tons which proved difficult to unload. The cases were unloaded onto the ship’s launch which was only as large as they were, and hauled as far ashore as they would go. Then the cases were pulled off over planks and rollers and then pushed on rollers along the roughly improvised road by Greek labourers patiently exhorted by the sailors.

The process f erecting the aircraft has begun and flights are expected tomorrow.

the base at Tenedos With Commander Samson


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