4 March 1915 – 7 Squadron prepares for the front

7 Squadron arrived at Netheravon today to prepare for posting to France. The squadron is typical of most RFC Squadrons with officers from a wide variety of backgrounds from all over Britain. Most officers are on secondment from other Army units, having obtained their pilot licences at their own expense which limits the intake to those who can afford the £75 training cost. For example the muster roll for 7 Squadron contains the following:

Squadron Commander:
Major AG Board (South Wales Borderers)

Flight Commanders:
Captains EN Fuller, CG Hoare (39th King George’s Own Central India Horse), RGD Small (Leinster Regiment)

Flying Officers:
FP Adams (Royal Field Artillery), RCH Bewes (The King’s (Liverpool Regiment)), MG Christie (RFC Special Reserve), GK Lawrence (Royal Field Artillery), WHC Mansfield (The King’s (Shropshire Light Infantry)), GD Mills (The Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment)), BF Moore (The Royal Warwickshire Regiment)

ACS Couldwell (Highland Light Infantry), R D’Arcy, (3 Connaught Rangers), GD Hill; (7th (Queens Own) Hussars), FH Hyland (7 APWO Yorkshire R), WEG Murray (Highland Light Infantry), W O’Gowan (Scottish Rifles), TF Rutledge (RFC Special Reserve), HS Shields (Durham Light Infantry), NC Spratt (RFC Special Reserve)


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