7 February 1915 – Busteed crashes an Albatross

Harry Busteed the noted Australian pilot crashed while testing a captured German Albatross BII today. He suffered an engine failure on take off and ran into a dyke, causing the aircraft to overturn. Fortunately he suffered only minor injuries.

Born in North Carlton, Victoria, by 1910 he was the first Australian to hold a pilot’s licence. He travelled to England in May 1911 with fellow Australians Harry Hawker and Harry Kauper to find work in the aviation industry. He gained his RAeC Certificate No 94 on 13 June 1911 and shortly afterwards became Chief Test Pilot for the Bristol and Colonial Aircraft Company. He also became one of the first three flying instructors at the Bristol School of Aviation at Larkhill.

He originally joined the Special Reserve of the RFC (Military) Wing, but in October 1913 he resigned his RFC commission and joined the Royal Naval Reserve, immediately being attached to the RFC (Naval Wing).
Harry Busteed with prototype Bristol Scout in 1913


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