13 August 1914 – First Aircraft Arrive in France

The headquarters of the Royal Flying Corps arrived in Amiens this morning having travelled by sea via Southampton.

Aircraft of 2, and 3 Squadrons at Dover received orders to cross to France. Pilots were ordered to climb to at least 3000ft before attempting the crossing. No. 2 Squadron were first to depart, beginning at 6.25 a.m. with Captain Francis Fitzgerald “Ferdy” Waldron.

The first aircraft to arrive in France, a BE2a (471) landed at Amiens at 0820, piloted by Lieutenant Hubert Dunsterville Harvey-Kelly, followed shortly afterwards by his Squadron Commander Major Charles James Burke.

All of the machines of 3 Squadron arrived safely at Amiens, with the exception of Henri Farman HF 20 (274) piloted by Second Lieutenant Edward Newman Fuller which suffered from engine failure prior to take off.

Two flights of No 4 Squadron left from Eastchurch but were not so lucky with their Captain Francis John Leslie Cogan forced to land in a ploughed field by engine failure and a number of other aircraft damaged. By nightfall a total of 49 aircraft had arrived at Amiens.

Airships Number 3 and 4 carried out 12 hour patrols over the channel to protect the transportation of the British Expeditionary Force and prevent Zeppelin raids on the English coastline.


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